Motion Generation for Robots and Machines

Motion Planning

Ruckig is a next-generation motion planning library for robotic applications. We're focusing on:
  1. Real-time calculation times of below 1ms.
  2. Highly time-optimized trajectories. Oftentimes, Ruckig is able to find a time-optimal motion.
  3. Simple APIs for straight-forward integration into your projects.

Online Trajectory Generation

Ruckig is able to generate trajectories on-the-fly, and therefore allows robots and machines to react instantaneously to sensor input. This makes Ruckig a perfect fit for e.g. visual servoing, collision avoidance, or CNC machining. In particular, Ruckig is the first algorithm able to calculate time-optimal motions from any initial to an arbitrary target state.

Key Features

Jerk-constrained. Ruckig calculates trajectories with constrained velocity, acceleration, and jerk.

Real-time. Ruckig integrates into cycle times as low as 250µs, and optimizes complex motions in 1ms.

Time-optimal. Ruckig guarantees a time-optimal solution for state-to-state motions. For all others, it improves world-leading planners by up to 10%.

used by


Current State of Motion
Optional Intermediate Waypoints
Target State of Motion
Motion Constraints
in less than 1ms
New State of Motion

The core Ruckig algorithm calculates a trajectory to a target state (with position, velocity, and acceleration) starting from any initial state limited by velocity, acceleration, and jerk constraints. This calculation is done within the real-time control loop of the robot or machine, enabling it to instantaneously react to sensor input and replan its motion accordingly. Moreover, Ruckig allows for obstacle environments or intermediate waypoints to calculate complex trajectories on-the-fly, even surpassing offline approaches for motion planning in terms of trajectory duration. Ruckig is the first trajectory generator for arbitrary target states and supports directional velocity and acceleration limits, minimum trajectory durations, and many more features!


Community Version


Pro Version

Arbitrary initial and target states

given by position, velocity, and acceleration

Real-time capability

for control cycles of less than 1ms

Jerk limitation

on top of velocity and acceleration constraints

Velocity control interface

easily switch to velocity control, e.g. to safely stop the robot

Time synchronization of multiple axis

reach the target state simultaneously / in straight-line motions

Intermediate waypoints

for time-optimized trajectories

Increased reliability

numerical robustness for the most demanding applications

Position limitation

to restrict the workspace of the system


to closely follow a moving signal with kinematic constraints

Support & Integration

Software license



The development of the Ruckig Community Version was started by Lars Berscheid at the Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology (KIT). Details were published in the paper "Jerk-limited real-time trajectory generation for arbitrary target states" at the Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), 2021 conference. We now offer novel features, consulting, integration, and long-term support for professional use-cases with the Ruckig Pro Version.

You're looking for advancing your robot motions?

We're happy to answer your questions and discuss how Ruckig can help you!